Project Bangladesh


(Project responsibility was transferred to new hands due to personnel changes on site and within CHN).


Since 2001 we have been supporting the work of two Taizé Brother fraternities. Originally based in Senegal, for the last 8 years our brother-friend has been working in Bangladesh with four other brothers. The Taizé Brothers ( have been actively involved in Bangladesh for 40 years. Based on Christian principles, they share their lives with the poorest of the poor, regardless of their religion, and with minimal funding they help the many people with disabilities in Bangladesh to help themselves.

This support includes:

  • Therapy and support for young people who are mentally and physically disabled
  • Various workshops for the physically disabled
  • Microcredit loans for poor young disabled people or their families
  • Van for transporting the disabled
  • Education for young children living in the slums
  • Kindergartens in very poor neighbourhoods
  • Education and support for young Christians living in a Muslim / Hindu environment
  • Hospital support for the very poor infirm
  • We visited the Taizé Brothers and their projects in Bangladesh in 2013. (A report of the trip can be requested.)

The following photographs correspond to the projects mentioned above (in the correct order).