Mission Statement «Children Help Network»

Life has led us to people who are suffering and need our support. We are committed to improving the situation of children, teenagers and young adults living in hardship and poverty. Based on UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we support small projects which are, for the most part, run by locals. Our approach to fighting injustice and poverty is cooperative, purposeful and practical.


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child includes 54 articles.

 We are particularly committed to the following 10 fundamental rights for children:  

  1. The right to equal treatment and protection from discrimination irrespective of religion, origin and gender.
  2. The right to a name and nationality.
  3. The right to health.
  4. The right to education and training.
  5. The right to leisure, play and recreation.
  6. The right to be informed, to communicate, to be heard and to assemble.
  7. The right to privacy and an upbringing free of violence in the spirit of equality and peace.
  8. The right to immediate assistance in disasters and emergencies and to protection from cruelty, neglect, exploitation and persecution.
  9. The right to a family, parental care and a safe home.
  10. The right to care in the event of disability.

Full UN Convention at:

Convention on the Rights of the Child | OHCHR