The People behind "Children Help Network"

Frère Othmar Würth

Frère Othmar Würth, 1934, (Brothers of the Christian Schools, also known as the De La Salle Brothers, or in French, Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes - FEC) is the founder and former director of the "Centre Intiganda", a centre for street children in Rwanda. He lived and worked in Butare, Rwanda, from February 1987 until the end of 1999. 

andreas Huber

Andreas Huber (1960) managed various development projects in Kenya for 21 years on behalf of the Missionaries of Immensee. Youth and education have always been a key aspect of his work. – Andreas Huber is a consultant for church media, a member of a community school board and vice-president of our association.

Andreas Grünholz

Andreas Grünholz (1960) worked in development aid in Kenya for three years as an instructor in the field of skilled manual training. He was a member of the board of management of Interteam Luzern. - Andreas Grünholz is president of our association and responsible for our project with street children in Rwanda.


Agnes Reutimann (1949) is in charge of our bookkeeping. She is experienced in the managerial and financial aspects of NGOs, as she has worked for organizations such as the Behindertensportclub Luzern (Sports Club for the Disabled) and “avanti donne”. At the moment, she also does the bookkeeping for “pro audito luzern”. – Agnes Reutimann has a walking disability.

Meret Conrad

Meret Conrad (1991) spent three years of her childhood in Rwanda where her parents worked in development aid. She maintains many personal contacts there and as an adult, she has re-visited the country for research purposes. She supports a women’s shelter in Kigali. – Meret is an ethnologist and currently studying social work.